Artist: Angela Chalkiopoulou, Cyprus

Angela Chalkiopoulou, Cyprus

Angela illustrated the CHELLIS story "Waste Management"

My name is Angela Chalkiopoulou and I studied English Literature in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Visual Communication and Illustration in Applied Art Studies College of Art and Design. My career in education started when I became the Creative Director of «Alice's Nest», a Creative Centre for children, in Lesbos, Greece. Creating there an innovative library of Greek and English children's literature and I designed my first thematics of experiential learning based on children's books. Image Literacy played a big role in my educational programs and that is when I started creating large scale, "fairy tale - sceneries" for my students. In 2016, I moved permanently to Cyprus, bringing with me the educational programme of «Little Odysseus», a fresh educational approach, based on literature and Image Literacy. Stories, heroes/heroines and writer's become - through my inventive "sceneries-installations", the magical tool box that lead children to learning, understanding, creating. Our thematics full of art, multiple intelligence - mind games, growth mindset games and new educational tools (radio, documentaries, videos), brought a new perspective to Cypriot Education. My educational programs were awarded in 2021 with the Grand Award / Freedom through Literacy by Judith's Reading Room and with the Golden Award / Innovation in Education by the Cyprus Education Leader's Awards.

Stories are my main inspiration, stories hidden in every little thing we create.

My art style is a combination of recycled art, collages and sketching.

I illustrate the sceneries of my educational programs and many, large scale, wall illustrations in schools.

Facebook: Alice home, Μικρός Οδυσσέας - Little Odysseus


Artwork Examples

Angela Chalkiopoulou 1
Angela Chalkiopoulou 2
Angela Chalkiopoulou 3
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