The CHELLIS project


The CHELLIS project aims to provide challenge-based environmental language learning through inspiring stories for adult learners.

The project wants to raise awareness about current environmental challenges and eco-friendly topics. At the same time, CHELLIS provides an opportunity to improve language skills in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese.


Every single one of us can contribute to a healthier climate by adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The engaging and inspiring stories of CHELLIS will spark motivation and interest in this topic and offer tips and tricks on how to make your everyday life more sustainable. At the same time, the CHELLIS stories make language learning easy and accessible by providing stories for different language levels.

Improve your language skills while you learn how to make the planet a healthier place!



Climate change is one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century and it affects everybody. In order to take action and slow down the process, the European Commission has launched several initiatives and participates actively in global policy discussions. In March 2020, the European Green Deal was introduced to amplify the measures already in place, foreseeing several key actions that will contribute to a climate neutral EU by 2050.  The CHELLIS project contributes particularly to the objectives of the European Climate Pact as it accelerates the proposed bottom-up approach by empowering individuals to become more aware of eco-friendly actions and lifestyles, and consequently become role models of the green movement.


Six experienced partner organisations from across Europe are working on this project to develop unique resources and tools that engage learners in an interactive way.

The CHELLIS products are directed at adult learners who want to improve their language skills in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, or Portuguese while at the same time learning more about how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and finding out how they can actively contribute to a healthier climate through easy and useful environmental actions.