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Food Waste

Follow the life of six Erasmus students with different cultural backgrounds living in an apartment together and trying to organise their groceries in an eco-friendly way. Discover new ways to minimize food waste and help the planet with simple everyday habits. Do you think you 're always making sustainabile food choices?

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Green Transportation

Follow Maria and her family through a day in their lives. You can help Maria make environmentally-friendly decisions about transportation choices as you accompany her throughout the day. Together with her, you will see how small – and bigger – choices can influence not only the family’’s life, but also the environment.

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Waste Management

It is time for a change in Angela’’s life. Follow her throughout her daily activities and help her make better choices in terms of waste management! As the story develops, you will have to choose the most suitable options to improve her habits to minimise waste. Can you recognize the most environmentally friendly choices?

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Fast Fashion

Join Tara and Danielle on their latest shopping spree, where they start to question whether they really need to buy new clothes for a work event, or, if they can start making sustainable choices in their lives which will have a greater impact on the world around them. Hopefully the behaviours of the sisters will encourage you to change how you think about fast fashion.

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Protection of the Ocean

Manuel is going on summer holidays to the coastal area where he grew up, with his wife Olivia and their two kids. This is a beautiful region with lots of marine life, that was recently classified as a Marine Protected Area. During this stay, they will have to make decisions that can influence marine biodiversity. Can you give them a hand?

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This is the story of Michael and Fadia, a young couple who are starting a new life together in a populated Italian town. They are very careful about the environment and would like to make daily choices that save energy and thus protect the environment. Would you like to help them make the best eco-friendly choices?