Artist: Océane Payan, France

Océane Payan, France

Océane illustrated the CHELLIS story "Food Waste"

Basically I would say that I am a person who draws all the time, quite a dreamer, and who enjoys spending time alone with myself to think and imagine stories, drawing ideas.

Occidental Medieval (different kingdoms of england, viking invasions...) medieval fantasy, oriental medieval (ancient chinese culture for example) but also other artists, mostly the ones who have very frank and original artstyles.

Quite a mix of japanese and oriental inspirations in art and very occidental comics artstyle. As for the techniques they are pretty basic I think, I'm still learning and trying to find what will really be the techniques or the brushes that will make me feel totally confortable.

Never before CHELLIS. I think what I prefer the most is the moment before everything really starts, you know the characters, the backgrounds, the story, and you imagine everything you could do with it.
Also I love the sketching phase.

One full month but I could only work at home after classes, so it basically took all my free time during this month, I was a bit tired ! I had to make me a planning to finish each illustration on time. Like one illustration every two or three days.

I don't have any art website or social media for the moment


Artwork Examples

OcéanePayan1 OcéanePayan2 OcéanePayan3 OcéanePayan4